milo greene + bombay bicycle club // house of blues boston

how’s that for some awesome alliteration? (see what I did there?)
but really, today was wonderful. I firmly believe that rainy days and coffee shops were made for each other, and today affirmed that belief. a hazelnut latte, the ebb + flow of customers, time spent chatting with one of my best friends, the fall colors blazing against the gray sky on our way home- it was all so perfect. 


octobers in michigan

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Good mornings. Photo: @karinapal #HerschelSupply #Network #Pouch by herschelsupply
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Irish sunset
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Benevello - Italy (von jacqueline.poggi)
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by  Anchor & Braille

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Upstate New York Food Styling & Photography Workshop by Eva Kosmas Flores | Adventures in Cooking by Eva Kosmas Flores on Flickr.
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Mountains of Glacier National Park, Montana on Christine’s wrists.
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"He found himself wondering at times, especially in the autumn, about the wild lands, and strange visions of mountains that he had never seen came into his dreams." - J.R.R. Tolkien
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Opaque  by  andbamnan