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pride and prejudice, coffee cake in a mug, + chai tea. yes yes yes.

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by  Mumford & Sons

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this. is. perfect.
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so many things in my life are falling into place right now. God has opened doors I thought would never open, and He’s given me peace and direction about my future. 
throughout my undergraduate career, I’ve struggled with balancing my different passions and getting them to somehow all work into a career. at the end of last year, I was finally able to decide on a career path that encompassed a majority of my passions. at the time, however, I had no set “plan” for how I would reach my end goal, and I didn’t completely take into account some of the logistics of meeting my goal. 
just recently, I’ve been researching and praying and thinking about how to logically go about making a life and career for myself, and I’ve finally settled on a set path to reach my goals- I am SO beyond excited. 

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Opaque  by  andbamnan